OOTN: Surprise Birthday Party & Bingo Players

Last night was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while but also one of the most exhausting ones. Long story short, I got home at 7am. What a way to start out the weekend!

After work and after getting sushi for a quick dinner, I had 30 minutes to get ready to go a friend’s surprise birthday party and later, a show to see one of my favorite DJ acts, Bingo Players. I had minutes to decide what to wear and this is what I ended up wearing. I was pretty pleased with it but it’s basically one of my go-to looks when I’m going to a venue to see a DJ so it was pretty repetitive for me. I was, though, excited to wear my top. It’s a bit loose on the sides so it exposes my bra a little bit. There aren’t too many places I can wear that kind of style in public unless I’m wearing a jacket or something to cover it up. And don’t even get me started on the boots…I’ve worn them to the ground.

What I Wore:

Teal Top – Urban Outfitters

Black Shorts – Forever 21

Black Boots – Target

As far as my make up goes (and I didn’t take any photos of myself), this is what I used:


Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – Creamy Beige

Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer – Medium Beige

Lancome Blush – Mocha Havana


Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – Creamy Beige

MAC Paint Pot – Indianwood

MAC Eyeshadow – Satin Taupe – for the lid

Random dark shimmery brown eyeshadow – for the crease

Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Volum’ Express – black

Now, let me tell you about the show!

It was UH-MAZING. Then again, I may be a bit biased since Bingo Players are one of my favorite DJ acts ever. They’re right up there with Galantis, Kaskade, and a couple other people.

The show was at The Observatory in Santa Ana, CA and it was my first time there.

It’s a pretty big venue. It reminded me of a low-key yet bigger club, if that makes any sense at all.

Henry Fong opened but my friends and I were trying to find a good spot to stand and getting drinks while he played. But I do remember him being really fun.

And as soon as it turned midnight, Bingo Players came on! They played a ton of bangers, some BP oldies, and a couple ratchet songs that were really fun to get down to haha. It was so much fun listening to such good music with three of my best friends. Everyone had a great time and I’m pretty sure I had a smile on my face the whole night.

This was my first time seeing Bingo Players in 2015 and I can’t wait to see how many times I’ll see them again this year.

Last year, my roommate and I went on a 3 day Bingo Players extravaganza. We followed them from Vegas to San Diego to Orange County in the span of 3 days to see them play 4 times. It was a ridiculous trip (because who does that?!) but it was so worth it and so memorable.

Here are a some pictures from the show!

After the show, my friends and I went back to our other friend’s birthday party where we just had a couple drinks and hung out with them. People started to go to sleep and when we left their place to go back home, it started getting light out! It’s such a strange feeling to know that you went out on a Friday night and you’re getting back home early on a Saturday morning. But, it happens, right?

Anyway, Friday/Saturday was an amazing night and I’m glad I got to be with my friends. Only being able to sleep for 4 hours and basically being a hermit all day today kind of sucked but I don’t do this often at all so I don’t really mind.

On that note, I should probably head to bed. The lack of sleep and being up for 24 hours is getting to me.

What did you do this Friday? Anything fun?! Tell me in the comments below!

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