I Hung Out with James Franco Today

Well…kind of. But I DID hang out with him…along with hundreds of other people.

My alma mater held a lecture with James Franco as the guest lecturer. It’s technically only reserved for students but one of my best friends works behind the scenes so me and my other friend were able to get in to see him. We got there super late, hence the poor quality images. Hello, nosebleeds.

You know, I never gave James Franco much thought, to be honest. I mean, sure, I thought he was attractive (duh..?) and his movies are funny. But today showed me that he’s really more than that. He’s truly an artist.

I think the majority of us know him by the work he’s done, namely Pineapple Express, The Interview, 127 Hours, and so on. But, he’s so many other things that I kept asking myself if there was anything that he HADN’T done.

James Franco is an actor, director, writer, painter, musician, poet, Master of Fine Arts, a PhD candidate, philanthropist, and a teacher.


His lecture showed me how dedicated and serious he was about acting and filmmaking. He really immerses himself into a role whether it’s a serious one or a funny one. And he’s a humble person; he’s not caught up in the Hollywood hype. He even said that that’s why he got into teaching: so he could balance himself out, not think about himself, and give other people an opportunity to pursue their dreams.

One of the things that I took away from his lecture that could be applied to anything was this:

Whatever you want to do, just do it and KEEP doing it.

I think it’s just incredible how many hats he’s worn in his lifetime and all you really hear about are one or two of them. He’s truly a jack of all trades and I’m really glad I got to see that side of him. Makes me wish that other celebrities gave lectures like this.

Overall, it was a great lecture and really cool to get to know James on a more intimate level. It definitely made me respect him more!

Also, he got everyone at the end to be in his #selfie.

Unfortunately, my friend and I were in the nosebleeds so we didn’t even make it in his selfie. 😦

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