Cotton On + Forever 21 Haul

Today has been such a drag and it’s ONLY Wednesday. On top of that, it’s also April Fool’s Day which is pretty much my least favorite day ever because I’m so gullible. I’m counting down the hours till it’s over! lol.

But, instead of dwelling over the fact that I found a (fake) turd under my pillow (LOL thanks, roomie!), I’m going to think about the pretty clothes I bought on a shopping trip recently!

I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of person that doesn’t buy things often because I don’t like spending money. I wear things till I can’t wear them anymore. Bad habit, I know!

But, I decided to treat myself to some retail therapy at the mall and wound up shopping at Cotton On and Forever 21!

Here’s what I got:

Cotton On

Brigitte Batwing Cardi – $19.95

I am in LOVE with this cardi. It’s so lightweight, it’s dark grey (my fave!), and it looks good with just about anything. This definitely adds some edginess to any outfit. It’s also really soft which is super important to me and I’m sure many other people. I saw it on the mannequin and immediately had to buy it!


The Scoop T Shirt – 2 for $20

I think these might be the best t-shirts I’ve ever owned. They fit perfectly and they’re made out of quality material. The neck is also really flattering, too! For someone who’s on the Itty Bitty TItty Committee, it makes you look like you’ve got something going on there. It’s also perfect for casual days where you don’t want to dress up but you also don’t want to wear gross gym clothes out. I want more of these shirts!! LOVE.


Quin 5 Pkt Shorts – $19.95

I haven’t worn these babies yet but they fit well enough! They’re a bit snug on me when I tried them on but I’m sure that with some use, they’ll loosen up a bit. I got these because I love that they weren’t short shorts. They’re a little longer than your average shorts which is perfect for those of us that prefer to cover our thighs a little bit. I also haven’t bought regular shorts (unless you count high waisted shorts. I don’t lol.) in YEARS (yeah…) so it was definitely time for a fresh pair.

Forever 21

Tribal Print Fit & Flare Dress – $11.90

I usually try to stay away from Forever 21 because it’s so overwhelming. There are so many floors and so many racks stuffed with clothes that I don’t even know where to start! But, I’m SO glad I stumbled upon this dress! It fits like a glove and I love how it flares when I twirl around in it. It’s made out of a somewhat stretchy material so it fits your body but it’s not tight or uncomfortable. It’s lightweight which is perfect for spring and summer. It also looks amazing with that cardi I got!

What’s your favorite thing that you bought recently?!

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