Easter Weekend and Missing My Parents

This past weekend has been so nice. I didn’t go out anywhere, didn’t spend money, and I got to spend some quality time with my parents.

It’s unfortunate that I cherish the time that I can spend with them now more than I did back when I was still living with them. I guess I never knew what I had till I didn’t have it anymore.

Either way, I was really glad to see my parents for the weekend.

It’s funny because back when I lived with them, I longed to move out and be away from my parents. But now that I have moved out, I enjoy being with them.

I was always told that a person’s relationship with their parents gets better once the child moves out and I really think that’s true! There were some rough patches I went through with them but once I moved out, I think we all got some space from each other and we are able to now enjoy the time that we do spend together.

I see them more as my equals more than my parents. Of course, they’ll always be mommy and daddy to me hehe! But now, I feel like we can have actual conversations. I mean, I’m sure I could have before but I was a super stubborn child haha.

ANYWAY…this past Easter weekend, I just enjoyed my parents’ company. We didn’t do much but what we did do, I felt lucky to have spent it with them.

I made it to their place Saturday afternoon and watched Pride and Prejudice with my mom that night. My parents and I also talked about planning a day trip to see Hearst Castle which I hear is amazing! I hope we get to do this!!

Sunday morning, we made it to Easter mass at a Polish church in Los Angeles. It’s a little strange going because I don’t fully understand everything they say but I really feel like it helps me connect to my Polish side better.

Here’s the church we go to! It’s so beautiful when it’s empty. The snapchat filter definitely helped, too, I think. 😉

Once mass was over, we went back home and had our Easter breakfast…although it was more like lunch by the time we got back. I guess it was brunch?? Lol!

Afterwards, we just relaxed on the couch and slipped into a food coma. It was nice just sitting there and being in my parents’ home. It was a familiar feeling that I didn’t think I missed much.

Although I was never a fan of the city my parents live in, I do miss the home I spent my teen and college years in from time to time. I miss my mom’s cooking, the furniture, the homey feeling, my old room, and my parents in general.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you live away from home or even if you are living with your parents now, enjoy the time you have with them! One of these days, you won’t live at home anymore and while you’ll feel happy that you’ve gained independence, you’ll be losing the familiar feeling of being in your family house, your parents and their quirks, homemade food, and no rent! You’ll have to create a new safe haven wherever you end up living.

But despite that, one of the best things about moving out is that you get to see your parents in a different light. They’re no longer the authoritative figures you’ve always thought them to be; they’re more your equals now. I feel more comfortable telling my parents things about my life now whereas when I was younger, I wouldn’t tell them anything! I’m glad I’ve matured and I’m able to have actual conversations with them.

Anyway, to wrap this up…I really enjoyed having a quiet Easter weekend with my parents and overall, I loved being able to see them and spend time with them. I look forward to the next time I can be with them again. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend whether you celebrated Passover, Easter, or just had a casual weekend doing whatever it is you do!

Have a great start to your week!!

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