Last Minute Ticket to Coachella? Yes, Please!

To tell you that last week was a whirlwind of emotions and adventure would be quite the understatement.

I went from acknowledging Coachella was happening in a week to feeling sad and jealous that everyone else will be there to calling a radio station 200+ times trying to win tickets to buying a discounted ticket off a sorority sister I’ve never met who lives 2 hours away to actually going to Coachella and having the time of my life.

Yes. That’s all 100% true. And let me tell you, it was 1000% worth it.

Here’s a little backstory as to why I spontaneously decided to go to Coachella literally at the last second.

Dance music and festivals have been a regular hobby that I’ve engaged in for about three years now. I became close to my current best friends this way and it’s given me more memories that I can even tell you about! Something about festivals just brings people together. In those few hours (or days!), everything is perfect and you don’t have a care in the world.

I thrive on looking forward to the next big event I go to. It gives me a sense of purpose when everything else in my life is a little bit more uncertain.

I started hearing about Coachella a few years ago when my roommate started attending. At first, I didn’t think much of it. But once the weekend rolled around, everyone would get so hyped up about it, my roommate would gush about the camping and the experience, and I would watch the livestream online and wonder why I wasn’t there. I was sold and I had to go but for some reason, I never did.

Since I heard about my roommate’s first experience at Coachella, I imagined what it would be like to be there. I envisioned sitting under the stars and palm trees with music playing from different campsites and sitting with my friends drinking beers. It became something that I yearned to do for a couple years.

Then this year my roommate told me he might not go to Coachella next year and I immediately thought that NO ONE would want to go next year because they’d gone for so many years already. So naturally, I went into panic mode and began obsessing over going to Coachella. I didn’t want to go with people I’d never gone to shows with before. I’d hung out with this group before and I loved their company. I just felt like it wouldn’t have been the full experience without them.

That’s when I started entering contests and called KROQ 200+ times to try to win tickets. The phone rang once…but then it went straight to the busy tone. I was SO mad.

Then Wednesday night, a sister from Fullerton told me that her little sis was selling two tickets at a discounted price. I told one of my best friends this and she told me to get them for the both of us! I had basically talked her into becoming obsessed with going to Coachella.

Long story short, we got tickets and went that weekend!

It was a whirlwind but it was the best experience ever. Coachella is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The weather is beautiful (although stupid hot during the day and freezing at night), the venue is gorgeous and clean, the music is different and varied, and everyone looks amazing. There’s literally something for everyone.

Oh, and their fish tacos are the BEST.

I spent most of the time with my friends but I spent a couple hours alone and explored a bit. It was nice wandering around, seeing all the really pretty people, and listening to the different genres of music that were playing in each tent.

Who I Saw!

No, I didn’t see any famous people. I honestly forgot they were there.

But I did manage to see a handful of cool artists! A few new but mostly oldies. If YOU went to Coachella, who did you see?!


  1. R3hab
  2. Gorgon City
  3. Porter Robinson
  4. Alesso


  1. Gramatik
  2. Dirty South
  3. Alt-J
  4. Ratatat
  5. Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  6. Falcons
  7. Yuma – I don’t even know who I saw there, I just know I was there a lot
  8. An old Tinder date – “Wait, what?” Yeah…


  1. What So Not
  2. Yuma
  3. St. Lucia
  4. The Do Lab – Not sure who I saw there but whoever it was was F-U-N!
  5. Marina and the Diamonds
  6. Madeon
  7. Kaskade
  8. Gesaffelstein – for like 5 minutes

I ended up seeing a decent amount of people and I loved being exposed to some new acts like St. Lucia, Gesaffelstein, Gramatik, and Gorgon City. My only regrets are not seeing more non-EDM acts, Florence + the Machine, The Weeknd, and Odesza.

But really, I can’t complain. This weekend was SO spontaneous and insane that I would do it all over again if I could.

ANYWAY, now that I’ve talked your ear off, here are some pictures that were taken from the weekend!

1. Got to Coachella around 7pm. Decided to chill with my roommate and my other best friend on the grass while waiting for other acts to start.

2. There was a caterpillar sculpture the first two days. On the last day, it turned into a beautiful butterfly!

3. It’s so picturesque!  4. Probably my favorite picture ever.  

5. Sunset over the Sahara tent.


6. The balloons moved all around the polo field all weekend. 

7. Marina and the Diamonds takes the stage! She sounded SO good live! I wish I got to see more of her set.

8. Two of the most important people in my life.

9. Kaskade was incredible as usual.

I hope everyone gets a chance to experience Coachella at least once. It’s an incredible experience and I’m so happy I went. It might have been expensive and a lot of money up front but it was an experience I’ll never forget. 🙂

Any acts you wish you saw/want to see?!

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