How To Survive Vegas

I’ve been MIA once again and once again, I’m sorry. 😦

When I go out of town, it takes a toll on me and I need like a week to really recover from the past few days.

This trip, in particular, made me want to write this article because let me tell you, Vegas in April is a totally different experience than if you go in the summer!

Don’t get me wrong; my trip was still a blast. I made memories that I will laugh at for years to come…with a couple pictures to prove it! It was just different.

So, if you’re planning on going to Vegas anytime soon, read my guide and take a few mental notes so you can enjoy your trip with little to no kinks!

Also…stick around after the guide; I added a few pictures from my trip! 🙂

How To Survive Vegas: A Guide

1. Go during the summer

I’ve got four words for you: Cold. Rain. Wind. Moths.

I’m not sure where you live but here in Los Angeles, it’s already getting hot! We skipped “winter” and went headfirst into summer. I would have thought Vegas would be the same but I was very wrong. It was VERY cold and windy at night and on Saturday, it rained during the day. This was not ideal since we went to Marquee Dayclub aka a pool party. I kid you not, I literally wrapped myself with a towel the whole time we were there. Not a cute look but whatever lol.

And did you know that moth season is a thing??? I didn’t! We found four in our room. -_-

2. Plan to sleep

I know New York is the city that never sleeps but I think the same can be applied to Vegas, too. Don’t fall into this trap! Even if you want to keep partying all night long, be kind to your body and allow for at least a few hours of sleep a night. You’ll thank yourself later.

My friend Ryan and I were still awake around 5am and we decided to drink more, gamble, and have a deep talk. He ended up getting an hour of sleep and was completely out of it when we went to Marquee Dayclub. I got 30 minutes of sleep and somehow, I made it through the day. At the end of the weekend, my body hated me. I was so exhausted and I almost started crying when I got home Sunday night from how sleep-deprived I was.

So yeah, SLEEP or you’ll pay for it later.

3. Bring your own water and LOTS of it

This is a HUGE one. For some reason, we didn’t think to bring our own water and we seriously paid for it later. Water in Vegas is overpriced and after drinking a lot of (free) alcohol, your body gets dehydrated.

At first, we just got free water cups whenever we were in the food court but the walk down there took too long so we never took advantage of it. Then we tried drinking water from the bathroom sink. No water was better than that stuff. It was so nasty.

Fortunately, as we were walking through the strip one night, we came across a Walgreens and I bought the biggest bottle of water I could find. My friends and I joke about it being the “sweet nectar of life.” Having clean drinking water go down your throat after being thirsty for two days felt like heaven.

Never underestimate the power of water! It will revive you when Vegas starts taking a toll on you.

4. Strength in numbers

You might think that you’re okay walking alone in the hotel or down the strip but you’re really not. There were three instances that prove my point:

  1. We saw a guy trying to buy a hooker for the night right in front of us. I’m not even sure what the proper phrase for this exchange is, to be honest, but it happened and it was WEIRD. There are some really sketchy people out there and you don’t expect it to be the person next to you until it actually is.
  2. One of my girl friends went down to the food court when the rest of us were sleeping and said she felt like a lot of eyes were on her. She said one guy started to follow her and she was worried that people might get the wrong idea about her since she was walking alone.
  3. Some random guy followed the five of us for a few minutes, disappeared, popped up again out of nowhere, put his arm around my guy friend, and casually asked him if he was okay. It was SUPER creepy and I could only imagine how much worse the situation could have been if it was just him, a few of us, or just the girls.

5. If you see something is wrong, report it

*sigh* This last one still gets me a little riled up. My friends and I were leaving Marquee Dayclub and it just started raining. We were pretty dry when we left because the walk from the club to the taxi line took a while. At the very least, we were a little damp.

Apparently this was a no-no for our taxi guy. He refused to drive us and kicked us out of his van.

Needless to say, we were all livid. Getting kicked out meant that we had to walk outside in the rain back to the taxi line. I wish that in my moment of anger, I had taken note of the guy’s taxi number. He was so rude and ruined that part of the day for me.

Hopefully I haven’t scared you off from Vegas. 😛 It’s actually a REALLY fun place. This time around just taught me a few lessons that I’m glad I learned. Despite all the bumps in the road, I’m still so glad I went. My friends and I definitely enjoyed it and we’re already looking forward to going back in a couple months!

And as promised, here are some pictures from the weekend. 🙂

[Friday night – waiting in the taxi line to go to Light at Mandalay Bay]

[Friday night @ Light]

  [Saturday @ Marquee – we’re actually very cold in this picture lol]

[Saturday @ Marquee]

What sort of vacation tips do you have that you wish you knew before? Share them below!

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