My Vision Board: A Work in Progress

Lately, I’ve felt a bit of a creative itch. Something inside me is trying to escape and is begging to be understood. I feel like the only way to really let it out is by doing something creative whether that’s writing or art. I prefer to do something visual, though.

That’s where my idea of creating a vision board came from. I have a lot of wants, needs, and expectations for myself and I think the best way to tackle them head on is by creating a vision board so I can see my aspirations and never lose sight of what I want.

Growing up, I dabbled in watercolor and my love for it never really went away even though I hadn’t done it in years. I decided to buy a set of watercolors on a random day a few months ago and I’ve slowly started getting the hang of things again. I hope to move on to doing some creative lettering someday. But…baby steps. 🙂

I decided to create a few inspirational quote cards to start my vision board. I used some pretty, bright colors to give my room a pop of color.

My vision board is in the beginning stages but I like to think that it’s a continuous work in progress and not necessarily something that needs to be completed immediately. I’m changing and growing every day so my goal is for my vision board to evolve with me as I grow older and wiser (can’t believe that phrase is starting to apply to me already -___-).

Here’s what I got so far on my wall. I love it already and I can’t wait for more additions!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what that piece of paper is in the middle, it’s called a Bagua Map. I think it’s mostly used for Feng Shui but it works for this project, too. It separates your life into 9 parts like family/friends/ancestors, health, career, relationships, wealth, etc. I wrote down my long-term and short-term goals for each square. It’s nice seeing my aspirations all in one place and it helps me not lose sight of what’s important to me.

If you’ve created a vision board before, what sort of things do you pin onto it? I’d love to get some inspiration from you!

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