Music Monday: Often (Kygo Remix) – The Weeknd

It seems like out of nowhere, The Weeknd exploded onto the musical scene. I’ve been following him (rather lazily, I’ll admit) for about three years and it even took me by surprise how big he’s gotten. And after going to HARD Summer a couple weekends ago, I fell in love with The Weeknd all over again.

Anyway, I love a good remix of a non-EDM song but there aren’t very many that are binge-worthy. Then I came across Kygo’s remix of The Weeknd’s “Often.” Let me tell you…I’ve probably played this a hundred times in the past few days. No joke.

Kygo’s remix gives The Weeknd’s already great song a cool and catchy beat. It’s sensual but at the same time, it makes me want to dance. It makes me feel a lot cooler than I actually am. 😛 And if you know the words to this song, it’s fun to sing along to, as well!

Give this song a try if you want to listen to some sexy beats. 😉

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