My 2 Week Euro Trip | Part 2: Poland

I can’t believe my trip was more than a month ago. Is it weird to say it almost feels like a distant memory already? Now that I’m back in my normal routine, I feel as though I’ve been doing it forever and my trip never really happened. Thank goodness my photos are still on my phone and I can relive everything!

So, the first part of my Euro trip was in Spain where I went for a wedding and saw a lot of cool places. It was all brand new to me. Poland, on the other hand, was for a more personal reason. The vibe of that part of the trip was so different than the one in Spain. LA is very urban and Spain is full of life and color. The city I went to in Poland is bursting with green foliage and had an old-world charm about it. It’s the kind of small, quiet town where your neighbors will come over for supper and tea. It was nice to slow down a bit and not have to rush through the day like I do back home.

While I didn’t do a whole lot of sightseeing, I DO have 10 photos I wanted to share with you of my time in southern Poland. 🙂

[1. An old outdoor train museum. I took a photo just like this when I was younger and wanted to recreate it when I visited again.]

[2. Kopalnia Zabytkowa Kruszcow Olowiu i Srebra. Aka the lead and silver mine. The tour takes you down 30 meters underground and you get to see the places where miners used to work years and years ago. I definitely would not have survived; it was SO cold!]

[3. Just a couple of epic looking goats. NBD.]

[4. I visited Pokrzywna because I have family there and this was on the walk to a restaurant where they serve freshly caught fish! I couldn’t believe how green and luscious the scenery looked. It’s such a far cry from where I live haha.]

[5. I ate dinner by this lake while I was in Pokrzywna. It was such a beautiful day, the food was amazing, and the view was stunning.]

[6. A park by my grandfather’s house. When I was little, I used to think it was a huge forest with a secret grotto that only I knew about.]

   [7. The architecture in Poland is so different than in LA. I love how old this building looks; I think it gives it some character.]

[8. One of the places I really wanted to see while in Poland was Auschwitz. This was taken at Auschwitz I. This is the gate the camp prisoners would walk through when they were brought in. The sign says “Arbeit Macht Frei” which translates to “Work Brings Freedom.”]

[9. These are the train tracks that brought in prisoners from all over Europe to Auschwitz II – Birkenau. While all the prisoners’ belongings were displayed in Auschwitz I, Birkenau stunned me the most because of how huge it is. You see where those trees are in the very back of the photo? That’s how far the camp reaches back. It’s even wider on both sides. It’s impossible to comprehend that I was walking exactly where families were being ripped apart and people were being tortured and killed for no good reason.]

[10. A plaque at the Holocaust memorial at the back of Birkenau reminding people of the horrific events that happened there.]

Overall, being back in Poland was an experience I’ll never forget. I had never traveled there alone and despite not being fluent in Polish, I think I held my own pretty well.

I can’t wait to get back out there and see more of the world!!! 😀

   Have you ever traveled alone?
If you have, what was your experience like?
If not, would you ever?


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